A Multi-Sensory Experience of “Hong Kong Style” Tea Ceremony
Saturday, October 14th 2017

By Lee Chi Wing (Milk Design: Tea room concept) × Joe Chan (Art installation) × Plantation by Teakha (Tea)

In a 7m × 5m semi-open enclosure separated by a membrane, we are temporarily sheltered from the urban hustle in a makeshift tea room. The contemporary and functional tea bar at the center is surrounded by art installations and multi-sensory media. Participants can open their senses and savor the fulfilment and delight brought by tea culture. The tea room is specially designed to let participants experience and meditate on the Eastern culture and its interplay with modern life.

The 30-minute session takes visitors on a mesmerizing journey in tea culture. Not only will you learn the procedures to prepare tea, you will have the chance to taste 3 different teas – green tea, oolong, and black tea – and snacks to pair with the teas.