Amazon’s Kryptonite: How Emotional Branding Creates Customers for Life
Wednesday April 11th 2018, 5:30 pm8:00 pm

As giants like Amazon and Walmart continue to increase their speed, reach and convenience, there is still something important they don’t have: a strong emotional connection with consumers. And with 95% of our purchase decision-making taking place in the subconscious mind (according to the Harvard Business Review), that emotional connection is crucial to building differentiation and brand loyalty in the face of stiff competition. In this workshop, you’ll learn how leading brands use tools like purpose statements, persona archetypes, message maps and more to build an emotional bridge with customers that withstands the test of time and beats the heavyweights by not playing their game.

This collaborative workshop with the Office of Experience will be the first installment in a four-part series in 2018. OX is a performance-driven experience design firm. In an era of big bang obsession, they help forward-thinking brands define, refine, and continuously evolve to meet new demands.


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