Confrontations Season 3, No. 2 — Not Not Political
Saturday July 29th 2017, 1:00 pm3:00 pm

Confrontations is reading and discussion series curated by Dgenerator and hosted by ChiDM. Each iteration features a set of interrelated readings which exist in dialogue with each other. These readings, read prior to the event, then serve as the basis for a conversation around the various, often conflicting ideas contained in each piece. The intent of Confrontations is to push design discourse towards the places where the discipline intersects with contemporary society and its structures.

Not Not Political

As the politicization of every facet of our lives becomes increasingly unavoidable, questions around the political nature and power of design become even more pressing. Modernist design is often pointed to as a model for political engagement, but can those ideals still provide value in the contemporary world? Join Dgenerator as we contemplate various perspectives on this complex issue.

12-Point Modernist Agenda by Dan Friedman

The Ulm Model: a school and its pursuit of a critical design practice by Billie Muraben

The Bauhaus in History by Ben Davis

Zombie Modernism by Mr. Keedy