In Conversation: Maria Pinto & Carrie Secrist
Wednesday May 22nd 2019, 5:30 pm7:30 pm

The Design Museum of Chicago is pleased to introduce a new event series that will bring prolific artists and designers from different fields together in conversation. The first, pilot conversation is between Maria Pinto (fashion designer) and Carrie Secrist (gallery owner), and will be moderated by Charles Adler (entrepreneur and lifelong nomad).

This conversation will be held on Wednesday, May 22th from 5:30–7:30p at Carrie Secrist Gallery, 835 W Washington.

Start the evening with cocktails and refreshments at 5:30pm, followed by a discussion at 6:00pm. This event is free, with limited capacity.


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About Maria

Maria Pinto is a contemporary American designer and artist who creates beautiful, versatile fashion with a modern, urban edge. She is passionate about designing clothing that makes today’s woman feel gorgeous and confident. In her 25 years of designing fashion, Maria has tracked the changing role of fashion in women’s lives. From precious couture to collections made from high-tech fabrics, Maria’s work mirrors the ways in which women have engaged in the larger community. A longtime client said, “Wearing Maria’s clothes makes me look and feel like the best version of myself.”

About Carrie

Carrie Secrist Gallery has continued a process of reinvention with an emphasis on the development of a propensity towards visual literacy. Through the incorporation of conceptual and academic ideas, the original intention of making visible the artist hand, regardless of medium, has intensified. As the definition of contemporary art evolves at an ever quickened pace, the gallery, instead of following market trends, focuses on a collaborative engagement with our artists from the studio to the gallery walls to institutional presentations. Ultimately she remain committed, now and in the future, to offering an environment for our talented artists – emerging, mid-career and established – as a place for a multitude of voices to be heard and seen.

About Charles

Charles Adler is a social entrepreneur, Co-founder and former Head of Design at Kickstarter, the ground-breaking crowd-funding website. As a leading entrepreneur and designer, his work ranges from systems design to interaction and communications design, interface design to information architecture. Charles co-founded Kickstarter in 2009 and shaped it into the world’s largest marketplace dedicated to funding independent creative endeavours. Since it’s inception, Kickstarter has raised over $4 billion from over 15 million people for over 150,000 successful projects ranging from computer games to music albums, technology, fashion, educational projects and even full length feature films.