Mohawk presents: The Strathmore Archive
Thursday July 21st 2016, 6:00 pm9:00 pm

Since Strathmore Paper’s founding in 1892, the brand has been synonymous with quality, beauty and design. Inspired by the flora of Scotland’s Strathmore Valley, company founder Horace Moses adopted both the Strathmore name and the valley’s natural icon—the thistle—as symbols of quality for his papers.

Early in the evolution of the Western Massachusetts-based company, Horace Moses chose to align with the leading illustrators of his day to demonstrate how paper and print could work together to create beautiful results and more effective communication.

Mohawk, who acquired the Strathmore brand in 2005 and has served as steward of the legendary name since, has uncovered a treasure trove of over 100 years of rare, historic and beautiful Strathmore paper promotions called The Strathmore Archive.