The Good City Panel: What Can We Do For Chicago
Tuesday July 14th 2015, 6:30 pm8:00 pm

Please join us on July 14th for a panel discussion where four design practitioners will respond to “The State of Detroit” and suggest ways that it might stimulate activities in Chicago to improve urban life.


In 2014, a one-day conference on the Citizen’s Plan for Chicago was held at the SAIC Sullivan Galleries with the goal of bringing together the best practices that cities have employed around the world to improve life for their residents.

Over 100 community activists, artists, and designers who sought to identify low-cost strategies for tackling issues of homelessness, housing, waste, transport, crime, education, food, energy, and urban design at community and grass-roots levels attended. The project has been dormant for over a year but it is time to revive and breathe new life into these conversations.


Victor Margolin
Professor emeritus of design history at the University of Illinois at Chicago


Drea Howenstein
Professor at the School of the Art Institute and community design activist

John Edel
Founder and director of The Plant, a project to bring together different sustainable enterprises within a system of mutual support

John Paul Kusz
Consultant on sustainable design and business practices

Peter Landon
Architect with an interest in low-income housing and SRO’s.