Your Stories: Live Podcast with the Nerdologues
Saturday January 23rd 2016, 7:00 pm9:00 pm

Every month, the Nerdologues invite friends and nerds from the community to share stories. The night generally involves stand-up, sketches, or songs; a lot of people tell their tales. Then, it’s compiled into a podcast. This edition’s theme is “beginnings”. Tickets are $10 for the public, and $5 for students.

Line up

Sean DeSantis, Art Institute of Chicago
Sabella Flagg, Mac&Row
Eric Garneau, Nerdologues
James Green, The Studio of James T. Green
Yoseph Henry, Jazz Singer
Nick Ramsey, DePaul University
Tara Ramsey, Civic Orchestra
Kevin Reader, Nerdologues
Jason Seed, Jason Seed Stringtet
Tanner Woodford, ChiDM