Your Stories: Live Podcast with the Nerdologues, Design Week Edition
Wednesday June 8th 2016, 7:00 pm9:00 pm

Your Stories is a live show-turned-podcast completely created by the audience. Each month, the Nerdologues prompt storytellers with a theme. In response, they craft a story, comedy bit, song, or anything else. All are recorded, and released as a biweekly podcast.

The theme is practice, and all storytellers are involved in our current exhibition as volunteers, board/committee members, or exhibitors.



For the second consecutive Design Week, ChiDM is partnering with the Nerdologues for a special, one-night-only recording of Your Stories, which will take place in ChiDM gallery.

Bonus Video!

Eric Garneau and Dwight Haesler showed up early for practice, and sang an amazing rendition of Kiss From a Rose by Seal.