A—Z: Art on Track
Saturday September 22nd 2012, 5:00 pm10:00 pm

F Newsmagazine:
L Train Full of Wonders

The Visualist:
Art on Track

Pouya Ahmadi:
Graphic Design & Typography

Typography surrounds you. From formal communication to vernacular signage, letterforms have been rearranged and redesigned for centuries in an effort to make language visible. From designers, to typesetters, graffiti artists, businessmen and your grandmother, people rely on typography for everything from the commute to work to planning complex surgeries. Yet, good designers strive to make their work invisible, because if you’re focusing on the form of the letter, you have less time to understand its implied content. Alternatively, you must consider a designer’s ability to alter the context and form of a typeface, in an effort to convince you of something disingenuous. This exhibition, a collaborative effort between ChiDM and Architectural Artifacts, strives to remove local, historical typography from its original context, allowing you to understand it for what it is. Form and medium, without content.

A—Z is a collaborative exhibition between ChiDM and Architectural Artifacts that removes local, historical typography from its original context and provides an opportunity to educate the public on its importance. Art on Track is the world’s largest mobile art gallery. It takes place on board a moving six-car CTA train. Each train car is given over for free to a different local artist or arts group to curate.

You are invited to board the train and view the artwork. Once aboard the train, passengers in the gallery are encouraged to explore and engage with the artists and artwork.

Organized in partnership with Tristan Hummel and Architectural Artifacts.