Unfolded: Made with Paper
April 5th – August 27th 2016

Chicago Tribune:
"Chicago Design Museum rolls out ‘Unfolded' exhibit"

"Design Top Five"

Nick Adam:
"Unfolded, Made with Paper Exhibit"

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We are undoubtedly living in an era of digital technology, when more and more aspects of our lives are playing out on screens. Yet paper remains unparalleled in its importance and usefulness in design. Today’s designers, artists, and architects rely heavily on paper-based materials in the development, communication, and presentation of their ideas. Inspired by Container Corporation of America’s 1967 exhibition Made with Paper, Unfolded explores the unique properties of paper as a medium, as well as the diverse applications of paper as a means and an end in the work of contemporary designers and artists.

Unfolded highlights the work of the Chicago design community, but also includes contributions from around the world.

Contributors include 3st, Alexander Skoirchet, Anna Filbert, Anna Mort, Art Paul, Barbara Cooper, Béatrice Coron, Bob Faust, Bobby Reichle, Bradford Hansen-Smith, Brian Bailey, Brian Steckel, Carly Faye Smith, Chad Kouri, Christian Saucedo, Cody Hudson, Coralie Gourguechon, Crew Potter, Daniel Le, Debbie Millman, Department of Scale, Eric Wolinsky, Hey J Min, Jason Michael Barrera, Jenna Blazevich, John Greiner, John Terdich, Joseph Michael Essex, Josh Grotto, Julie VonDerVellen, Karah McGeown, Ken Ragsdale, Kendall Bruns, Kitemath, Martin Venezky, Michal Janicki, Pegah Ahmadi, Pouya Ahmadi, Reina Takahashi, Renata Graw, Richard Shipps, Steve Messam, Trisha Martin, Yoonshin Park, Yuge Zhou, and Zim & Zou.

Organized by ChiDM curatorial committee. Exhibition chair: Andrew Dembitz.