Work at Play
June 1st–30th 2013

Chicago Tribune:
Art exhibit to fill space at Block 37

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Chicago Design Museum

Gapers Block:
Chicago Design Museum: See the Work at Play Exhibit

For many, the compulsion to create is constant. It’s unstoppable. Beyond the hours at the office, we create, we make—we play. In an attempt to find our own voice, we may stumble upon a visual language that can speak for and, perhaps, inspire others. This exhibition celebrates the blurred line between work and play. Exhibitors included Marian Bantjes, John Massey, Michael C. Place and Wolfgang Weingart.

Work at Play also included Re/View, a special exhibition which included Christopher Branson, Mollie Edgar, Kyle Fletcher, Renata Graw/Plural, Matthew Hoffman, Chad Kouri, Negative Spaceship, Eddie Opara, Thomas Quinn, Bojan Radojcic, Sam Stephenson, Simon Renaud, Véronique Pêcheux and Magdalena Wistuba.

Everything we see is a cognitive interpretation of the light around us. Often, we blindly trust that what we are seeing is objective–we assume our vision is reality. Yet, sometimes we’re forced into the realization that there’s a gap between what’s actually there, and what we perceive. The truth of vision is that it is subjective, dependent on our point of view. With this insight, we are able to stand outside of our tendency to simply believe what we see and re-examine—review.

Organized by ChiDM Board.